Six Elements of Search Engine Optimization – Social Impact

Social Impact refers to two different aspects of social media:

  • The impact social media has had on search engines and the optimization process
  • The impact your ability to master social media marketing will have on your search engine rankings

There’s no doubt that the segment of marketing known as social media marketing is still somewhat veiled in mysteriousness. Why? Well, because it’s still being defined even as I type this. I say this for a few reasons including the fact that it’s still nearly impossible to measure the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign. Just within the last 6 months has it even been possible to track traffic from social media websites through Google Analytics. Even with this measure in place, it is still impossible to measure anything that is not a direct click from a Twitter or Facebook page. By that, I am talking about the individual who sees your company logo a few times in their stream but doesn’t click it. Having planted a seed, the individual is spurned by something that makes them run to Google and put your company name in the search box. They find your site and maybe they even buy something. This is a good example of how social media can benefit you without you even knowing it. Not every visitor is going to click to your Facebook page and then to your website, and with the current technology, that’s the only way you’ll be able to measure it.

Why is social media so important to your website and your Internet presence? Because it makes you an expert in your chosen field. Those of us with WordPress websites are able to connect the dots a bit easier, enabling one to figure out how it all works. Here’s a few questions that will answer just how good of a job you are doing with your social media marketing:

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